5 Donor’s Voice experiments: description

Collaborators on the experiment planning: David Reinstein, Kiki Koutmeridou; also, to a lesser extent, Elizabeth Keenan, Ayelet Gneezy, Hengchen Dai, Enrico Rubaltelli, Stephan Dickert, and Peter Ayton

5.2 Context

Charity: A large US religiously-associated international poverty relief charity

Timing: Emails sent out at the same time withing each trial

First trial: 21-Nov-2018 ‘Thanksgiving email’ Second trial: Nov 2019 (also Thanksgiving email)

Sample size and composition:

First trial:

  • Charity’s standard email list (previous donors with emails)
  • Approx 182,600 emails sent out, 91.3k in each condition

Second trial: - 79,754 emails sent out, exactly half in each condition

5.3 Setup (first trial)

5.4 Setup (second trial)

(Very similar to first trial, but ‘impact information content differed’)


Treatment text (otherwise as in control):

5.5 Treatment assignment/randomization

From our OSF wiki and OSF prereg

The email will randomly (without blocking/stratification) vary whether or not these emails present a statement about the charity was ‘able to provide with just $10’. …

The charity fundraising partner has informed us that they expect to send out roughly 330,000 emails