EA Market testing data analysis


David Reinstein and other members of the EAMT team


The “EA Market Testing Team” represents a small group of researchers and practitioners interested in promoting effective altruism and effective charitable giving and learning more about what motivates this.

See ‘Gitbooks’: ‘Effective Giving & Action: Market testing & Synthesis’ - public and private version, and our FAQ here.

The present (Quarto) ‘web book’ will present all of the trials and experiments that we are able to share. We try to present the setup, results, and analysis as concisely and transparently as possible. This dynamic document combines data, code, visualization, tests, and limited narrative. It is a complement to the ‘Gitbook’ linked above, and each refer to each other.

Trials reported elsewhere

Some trials are currently only reported in the gitbook or have not yet been reported. We aim to integrate these in here as well. In particular:

  1. The GWWC ‘Giving Pledge Page’ trial

  2. GWWC ‘YouTube remarketing trial’

  3. Trials with The Life You Can Save

Future work to do, tools to incorporate

More self-service/interaction 1

Tech and collophon

This is styled with Quarto. See my template repo here, hosted here,

2 3

  1. May want to build Flexdashboards, Htmlwidgets are easy and useful; see also Shiny packages. DT::datatable where possible, style as appropriate↩︎

  2. However, we’re not sure yet if and how it can be integrated with the https://app.gitbook.com/ content.↩︎

  3. Note: as this is Quarto and not Rmd, packages need to be loaded in every chapter. I’ll put these in code/shared_packages_code.R.↩︎