In this set of chapters:

  • What is this project about and how is it organised, outline of chapters
  • What is the main question or ‘puzzle’ and how do we know it ‘real’ and important?
  • Fundamental question: are charities in competition
  • How do we consider ‘barriers’ and analyse the evidence (and organize this?)

Outline of key ‘PARTS’ of full book (unfold)


Are charities in competition?

ve a general ‘conceptual’ overview of these barriers. We dig into each barrier more carefully in subsequent chapters.

Briefly mapping and outlining this…

  • Do people actually care about impact? Does moral utilitarianism matter?

  • Economics and psych models \(\rightarrow\) puzzle?

  • Models where people care about the impact of their gift or just ‘amount sacrificed’ (naive warm glow).

  • Does impact map into the ‘good feeling’ from giving, can it do so?


These parts clarify and operationalize each of the defined barriers (in sections), and assess the evidence (and argument) for each of these.


Here we consider ‘tools’ for surmounting these barriers, and flesh out a research agenda. This is followed by appendices, including one explaining the tech behind this project, and how to work with it/work with us.